How It Works

Automate Vegetation and Contour Mapping

BioBase automatically processes .slg and .sl2 files gathered from Lowrance™ HDS brand depth finders and chart plotters. Users collect data while on the water, upload it to BioBase from their PC, and get bathymetric and vegetation biovolume maps within minutes. Our cloud software does all the work for you!

collect lake data


Empower anyone from your organization to collect lake data using inexpensive Lowrance™ HDS depth finders. While on the lake, the depth finders passively collect data and store it to an SD card. It's really that easy!

upload lowrance .sl2 data


Upload the log files (.slg and .sl2 format) from any of your Lowrance units to our system.
All you need is an internet connection and a PC to send the data to your private online account. We provide a desktop tool that makes the process simple!

process .sl2 log files


BioBase automatically processes your log files.
Our cloud-based software does all the work evaluating your data using custom acoustic algorithms, GIS tools and mathematics to create interactive layered maps and standardized reports.

analyze interactive lake maps


Our software creates interactive maps that make it easy to measure lake characteristics.
This allows you to objectively determine how the lake changes over time. You can log in anytime to your secure, online account to view, merge or export the reports in a number of useful formats.

measure bottom hardness
measure vegetation abundance
measure water depth
lake bottom contours